Community of Practice

We are currently developing a registry of FHW implementing organizations in order to facilitate knowledge of current practices in the field.

Current we simply offer a list of FHW implementers, the clinical scope of FHW work, the health systems roles, and the organization's website. In the future we would like this registry to include:
  • Organizational demographics: Civil society, government, business, starting date of program
  • Services offered, where, to whom, and to how many people
  • Program specifications
    • Map of services
    • Map of management structure and processes
    • Training design
    • Information management
    • Career advancement for FHWs
    • Policy/advocacy efforts
    • Research and other impact data collected

Please contact us:
  • With any organizations for inclusion, preferably with contact referrals at the organization.
  • With suggestions for information we should include in the registry
  • If you're interested in helping with research for the registry