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Registry of Controlled Trials

We expect to complete the registry during the Summer of 2012. 

The FHW Network Registry of Controlled Trials is a tagged bibliography of all controlled trials focusing on FHWs from within the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials.

In the future, other databases beyond Central might be searched as well, such as MEDLINE, Global Health, and CINAHL.

Our search terms and tags are always being refined. 

Current tags include: location, context (rural, urban), clinical topic, FHW task, study intervention (e.g. training for FHWs or frontline adherence support for diabetics), outcome measure, and level of evidence/type of study design.

Please contact us for more information or with suggestions.

("community health aides"[mesh] OR "community health worker" OR "frontline health worker" OR "village health worker"  OR "lay health worker" OR "traditional birth attendant" OR "Community Health Assistant" OR "Medical Auxiliaries" OR "Auxiliary Health Worker" OR "Community Health Promoter" OR "home health aide" OR "lay health advisor" OR "community health aide" OR "community health volunteer" OR "doula" OR "Parteiras" OR "agentes polivalentes elementares" OR "promotores de salud" OR "barefoot doctor" OR "health volunteers" OR "family welfare educator" OR "village health guide" OR "agente comunitario de salud" OR "Agente comunitário de saúde" OR "Basic health worker" OR "asha" or "Colaborador voluntario" OR "Community drug distributor" OR "kader" OR "Maternal and child health worker" OR "Monitoras" OR "Shastho shebika" OR "Village drug-kit manager" OR "health extension worker" OR "accompagnateur" OR "accompanier" OR "outreach worker" OR "Community Health and Development Agents" OR "Community Based Reproductive Health Assistants" OR "Community Counseling Aides" OR "Lady Health Workers" OR "agent santé")