Welcome to the Frontline Health Worker Network (website is in soft/beta launch)!

The Problem

Frontline Health Workers (FHWs, also called community health workers or CHWs) improve access to care, address the human resources gaps facing health systems, address brain drain, and improve the ability of systems to provide preventive care and chronic disease management, all while being an affordable option that boosts local employment. Yet, many programs in the FHW sector have built services without knowing the experience of others offering the same services. Some have developed resources that others have already developed. Some are using inadequate management systems and clinical tools when better ones already exist elsewhere. Still others are facing local policy and advocacy battles that have been won in other contexts. Meanwhile, the sector as a whole is under-funded, under-researched, and under-adopted. 

Why Is This Happening?

The field is fragmented. This fragmentation has led to insufficient knowledge dissemination, networking, and collective action.

What Is the Solution?

The FHW Network will build a rigorous community of practice supported by a crowdsourced research team, a knowledge dissemination platform, and networking tools, and will aim to improve healthcare delivery globally by engaging in collection action to advance FHW services.

Initial program areas include:

  • Documenting existing FHW programs - who is out there, where, doing what
  • Building a database of training systems and resources

We are aiming to offer all of these areas at a level of rigor, exhaustiveness, depth, and availability that does not yet exist, to a network that is inclusive of students, program staff, FHWs, researchers, and more.

FHW NetworkTM